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11 Jun 2017
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Why Do You Need Extra Pantry Shelving?


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Posted By Earnest T.

If you are looking for some extra space in your kitchen but do not want to do an extensive remodel, kitchen pantry shelving may be the answer. With many families taking advantage of buying food items in bulk when they find them on sale or when they make a trip to their local warehouse club, there is even greater need for extra shelving when they return home to find a place to store those extra items.

You can look at this as being a good problem to have, since you have saved a great deal of money and yet have enough food to feed your family with for a long period of time, but it can also be a problem if you are going to have to store that food somewhere other than in kitchen pantry shelving.

Then there are those families who shop at salvage grocery stores where the price is so much cheaper on all the items their family uses the most. Having extra kitchen shelving can be a life saver in this instance, because you may be bringing home lots more food and need a place to put it. That extra pantry shelving can mean the difference between eating well and enjoying it more, and eating out of cans and boxes and enjoying it less.

Of course, you have also heard of the phenomenal savings to be had when you do extreme couponing, and maybe you have seen some of those TV programs that highlight families using coupons to bring home huge amounts of groceries and other items they are going to be using throughout the year. This is definitely where some extra kitchen pantry shelving will come in handy because where else will you store those 50 boxes of cereal you just bought for $1 if you don't have adequate pantry shelving to put them on?

It really doesn't matter how you purchase the groceries and other items that are typically stored on kitchen pantry shelving, it is not unusual to find that most households, regardless of size and financial means, can always use extra shelving.

Some ideas for good use of kitchen pantry shelving might look like this:

1. Under shelf baskets that slide in and out can be placed hanging underneath a shelf that allows room at the bottom.
2. Stacking shelving allows you to make better use of the space you already have.
3. Wall and door racks are perfect ways to store those small items that seem to take up so much space. Items like spices, muffin cups, and envelope mixes fit well into this type of organizational tool.
4. Gravity feed can racks are a good solution to keeping your canned foods organized and rotated according to date of purchase.
5. Turntables are a great idea when you have limited space, and allow you to keep track of things like spices and baking items and you get to utilize every inch of the space you have available.

Regardless of your need for kitchen pantry shelving, there is a solution that will help you feel more organized, and provide you with storage for all your purchases.

Comments (3)

By Jasmine F. on JUN 14 2017 @ 6:21AM

I know why...because I eat a heck of a lot of spaghetti.

By Patrice F. on JUN 13 2017 @ 2:14PM

I wish I had more kitchen storage space, but it's an old home, and it's really hard to expand without a really major remodel.

By Mitchell B. on JUN 13 2017 @ 9:02AM

Keep the things that you use most often in the most easily accessible places, and you'll spend a lot less time rummaging through stuff.

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